Fun at the 2021 Silver Dollar Circuit

2021 Silver Dollar Circuit

Have you ever attended Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas? If you have you know what I mean when I say, WOW.

2021 Silver Dollar Circuit was my first horseshow of the season and the first time I had been asked by Robyn Duplisea of Show Horse Today and to take candids of the show.

Of course, I was honored and jumped at the opportunity. {I do run a marketing and photography company after all}. So, after accepting the assignment I headed out with my camera in hand to capture some great horseshow moments.


As I walked around Silver Dollar Circuit I found that it was filled with wonderful trainers, exhibitors, and horses.


Do I need to mention the outfits?! Oh, man! There were so many sparkles and new styles that I had to make a mental note on which ones I loved the most.


As I walked through barn aisles I stopped people in the middle of their conversations, some of you might have been eating {sorry!}, but I wanted to capture as many barn candids as I could.


I mean I went to every barn aisle and if you were there, I pretty much asked to take your photo.


As a person in marketing I have to be comfortable walking up to strangers, sticking my hand out, and greeting them with “Hi, I’m Megan…..”.


After I had captured barn aisle moments I headed to the warm-up arena.

The warm-up pen was smokin’ with all the prettiest ponies and riders. So of course I had to greet those who were waiting for their class or hide behind other horses {thank you Calli Hogg & Rufus} so I could take more ‘artsy’ type of candids.


Oh, did I mention I got to pet all the pretty ponies? You know as a fellow horse lover I couldn’t resist asking if I could pet your pretty four-legged wonder and asking its name.


All in all, it was fun and horse people are nice. I also got to hone my photography skills with angle and lighting practice which practice is key, right?


Itching for more photos? Check out the great candids I had taken below!


2021 Silver Dollar Circuit