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Hi I’m Megan, your horse obsessed equine marketing expert. I am a passionate equestrian that knows what it takes to run a small business catered to fellow equine aficionados. I have been a horse enthusiast since I was a little girl riding and showing in multiple disciplines. And marketing? Well, I’ve spent the last 10+ years honing in on my most remarkable skills. I provide all of my clients with world class services tailored to their needs.

As an equestrian and marketing buff I understand your audience and the knowledge needed to captivate and excel in the equine industry. By utilizing innovative and creative ideas to build your brand and image you will achieve unparalleled results. 

I created Mega Equine Marketing, to become an all-encompassing entity that is the master of its discipline. I strive to help every company reach their fullest potential whether your business is large or small. I look forward to speaking with you and taking your business to the next level.

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Mega Equine Marketing is a full-service design and marketing agency specializing in the equine industry. My expertise provides clients with world-class services developed strategically to attract attention and have an impact on the equine industry.

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At Mega Equine Marketing my clients are destined for stardom and I am excited to help you get there. Projects are developed around identifying clients needs and by providing the best-possible experience.

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Customized packages and services are sometimes required for specific projects. Mega Equine Marketing is here to help decide what service is best for you, so let’s chat!

The horse industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Your website should be as competitive as you are in the show pen. When promoting your training facility, horses for sale, or promoting a stallion, a customized, eye-catching, responsive, and functional website is the ultimate goal. Your passion and brand are implemented into each web page creating your flawless look while getting results.

Your horse is a massive part of your life. You spend each waking moment at the barn working on your craft for the next horse show, riding the ranch with your noble steed, or spending quality time at the barn. These moments are priceless, and there’s no better way to capture memories than with a photograph.

Equestrians and their horses are a special breed. Both horse and rider work ruthlessly in developing their craft. It takes an exceptional graphic artist specializing in the equine industry to understand the ‘look,’ language, and style in equine advertising. When working with Mega Equine Marketing, you invest in your brand and yourself at the highest of standards.

A brand is more than a logo. It’s the perception of who you are, of what your business is. Your brand sets you apart from the others in your industry and attracts like-minded clients. When branding a business, design concepts reflect the feel of what you and your company stand for. Give your brand a unique and professional image that embraces the whole of your business.

Digital marketing tools, like Facebook and Instagram, can be a horsepower platform for your equine business. When using social media, you create an all-access adventure between you and your customers. Wherever your equine adventures take you, your followers are not far behind. These platforms are great to promote your stallions, mares, training facilities, and more.

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